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Executive search

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

The team of professionals

We create and play brilliant games. We pride ourselves on the art of understanding our clients’ requirements as we meticulously take account of not only their business, but also their human qualities and the drivers of success. We regard all our customers as unique, and as such we endeavor to find solutions that are also unique.

Our guiding principle is to find the best solution for our clients by applying transparency, efficiency, and responsibility.

The search for top executives
zoom executive search

We are #1 in searching and attracting top talent, this includes C-level positions as well as their direct reports: C-1 and C-2, we are keen to engage the best advisors and top-notch experts to strengthen the teams of our clients.

The search for independent members of Boards of Directors
The search for the Board Members is a high-stakes, challenging mission that requires a thoughtful, systematic approach. The deep expertise of our partners, their knowledge of the market, the key-players allows us to successfully complete the projects through attracting the best international and local candidates to the Boards of Directors.
The candidate succession pool

When a company is operating in uncertain environments, entering new markets, or launching new products, using this service to create the candidate succession pool will enable it to get an idea of all the potential candidates on the labor market and/or within the organization. Of course, there is no obligation to hire someone immediately and managers usually use this service to identify the top managers on the market.

Leadership Consulting

In order to become successful, some people need an entire orchestra while others need just a single instrument.

New goals require new knowledge

Historically, the culture of Russian companies has been autocratic in nature and therefore all the changes would come down from the leaders. At ZOOM, we help companies grow by demonstrating how they can develop leadership skills. Our goal is to identify those individuals who are prepared to evolve, so they are ready to make an impact. We build teams of professionals who can transform themselves into the absolute best.

A company is like an orchestra
zoom leadership consulting

Even though every instrument in an orchestra may be being played perfectly, it is only through the guidance of an expert conductor that they combine to create a beautiful harmonic sound. Anyone can stand on the conductor’s rostrum, but not everyone can guide the musicians to play in perfect unison. People become leaders due to their personal competencies and knowledge.

  • Assessment of executives
  • Personal development programs for executives
  • Strategic sessions
  • A comprehensive program of leadership development
  • Performance improvement programs for boards of directors